How to Win Fifteen Puzzle

Warning - Reading this may spoil the challenge!

The first three rows may seem complex, but studying these moves will show you the techiques
necessary to solve the entire puzzle.

Solve the puzzle from the top down when the space is at the bottom. Otherwise solve from the bottom up.

first slide tile #1 into position. The best way to position a tile is to get it to the position directly below where it needs to go, then open up a space for it by rotating the target row around and slide it up.

You will often need to move correctly positioned tiles in order to solve the puzzle. Pay attention to how you move them, and then move them back once the tile is in place.

Start - Scrambled   Solve Row 1   Solve Row 2   Solve Row 3   Slide 14, 15, 13 right
rotate row 3 left   continue to rotate both rows left, now the 13, 14 & 15 are in position to re-arrange them without effecting the 9-12   move 13   move 15   move 14
drop 13 down   rotate row 3 right   rotate row 4 left   rotate row 3 right   rotate row 4 left
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