How to Play Fifteen Puzzle

The object of the game is to place all tiles in order 1 through 15 starting at the upper left corner, across then down.

To begin, click START.
The tiles will be rearranged in a random solvable pattern.

Click, do not drag, the tiles adjacent to the space to move the tile to the space. You may move an entire row or column by clicking 2 or 3 tiles away from the space.

When all the tiles are in the correct position, you're done and you will be alerted.

If you score in the Top 10, you will be prompted for your name. Enter your name in the text box to be displayed in the Top 10 for that variation. Each puzzle has it's own Top 10. There is a 12 character limit to Top 10 scorer's names.

Note: Clicking START multiple times will scramble the tiles from their existing positions. This could result in a harder puzzle to solve.

RESET button
Many people ask me what the RESET button does. RESET stops the game, and resets all the tiles to the completed order.

Why do we need a RESET button?
Well we probably don't ever need the RESET button, but it was part of the orginal graphical design and I like the way my button turned out.

There is a purpose for the RESET button though, you may play the game by manually scrambling the tiles. If you were to get totally lost, you may click RESET to recover the board.

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